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Made To Measure

From the fabric on your favorite suit to the fabric on your feet, at REX Fabrics we provide the modern gentleman custom made to measure attire. This attire includes custom made bespoke suits, custom made bespoke shirts, and custom made bespoke shoes. To finish off your one of a kind outfit, we offer the perfect accesories including ties made from the finist fabric to beautifully crafted belts

Did you know that bespoke sevices often time can cost less than brand name ready-to-wear off the rack items? Our bespoke services all go through the same process, a garment is handmade from some of the most luxurious fabrics and cut from a pattern created exclusively for you, our client. 

Browse through our Men’s Custom Made Services by clicking on one of the options above or browse some of our offerings below. Celebrate individuality and fill out the consultation form on this page or stop by our store for a consultation where one of our distinguished master tailors will walk you through the steps of picking out the perfect fabric and gathering precise measurements.


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